Self care encourages greatness, largeness, and fullness!

“Realize a larger sense of identity…we go from an exclusive identity with the ego to recognizing something larger that is including the ego but is resting in something bigger. We are never getting rid of anything we are just larger.”

~Tara Brach

The following quote is from Chris Sandel, of Real Health Radio. I am directly quoting him because he stated this important point so well!

“When assessing your diet please focus on the results you are getting and not just the foods you are eating. Even if you are following the list of foods that may be suggested not all of them are going to be perfect foods for you no matter how amazing they seem on paper. Real health comes from reading the feedback that your body is giving you and making the necessary changes to improve it. Not blindly following something because you believe it is ‘healthy’.”

It is your body, your life, and your in control of listening to your intuition! Color your life with variety and find joy in eating!